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South Australia

NXG supported Independent Nick Xenophon Team candidates in the March 15 SA election.

The team have a number of key priorities, including:

  • Education – the child abuse scandal that led to the Royal Commission is a symptom of a broken education system that needs a massive overhaul. Our kids deserve so much more.
  • Pokies – with well over 20,000 South Aussies with a pokies addiction – affecting the lives of 140,000 more – the major parties have sucked up to the pokies barons and let us all down. It is time for decisive action on $1 maximum bets and other initiatives.
  • Crime – we all deserve to live safe lives. The punishment should fit the crime e.g., king hitters should be hit harder by the courts. And victims need greater rights that help to restore their lives.
  • Drugs – they drive crime and mental health problems. A totally new approach is needed. We need to adapt Sweden’s mandatory rehab programme, which has slashed drug abuse and crime there.
  • Public Service – an efficient and effective public service is essential to SA. An independent operational audit is required to establish where frontline services are suffering and any waste occurring.
  • Cost of Living – the Essential Services Commission needs more power to rein in the cost of utilities and be given power to make councils accountable for their rates and charges. Any proposed increases need to be limited to no more than CPI.
  • Housing Affordability – kick starting our housing sector will not only create jobs, but make housing more affordable for first home buyers. Reinstating the housing construction grant for new homes is a must. Stamp duty also needs to be reduced, in-line with other states.
Campaign News

Thank you from Nick!

A huge thank you to all my supporters, volunteers and staff for their massive contribution to a

successful campaign! I look forward to serving the people of South Australia in the Senate from July 2008

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What would you do about housing affordability?
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