Proposed tax form changes - 16 November

Propsed tax form changes would mean many happy returns for charities

World Vision CEO Tim Costello is in Adelaide this afternoon (16 November) to support Nick Xenophon’s proposal for income tax forms to be changed to allow for donations to be made directly to charity.

The scheme is based on the UK Gift Aid (see www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/gift-aid.htm) which has been a huge success in increasing the amount Britons have donated to charity. Under the UK scheme, tax payers can nominate all or a proportion of their tax refund to be sent to a nominated Gift Aid charity.

Nick Xenophon said that if elected to the Senate he would push for changes to the Income Tax Act to facilitate such a scheme.

The scheme has also been enthusiastically backed by Nick’s running mate Roger Bryson who has previously held a senior position with Mission Australia.
















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