Fruit growers tell Nick Xenophon first hand of their greatest crisis - 30 October


The crisis facing Riverland irrigators was put into sharp focus during a visit to the region by independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon.


Talking to a Barmera resident

        Meeting with local growers
Looking at new almond technology   Nick and supporter Julia Karpathakis


Mr Xenophon took his rickety campaign bus to Waikerie, Barmera and Renmark to meet with local growers and key community representatives.  Some of the community leaders he met included:


  • Jeff Parish, CEO – Central Irrigation Trust
  • Ben Brown, Industry Development Officer – Almond Industry
  • Tim Whetstone, Director – South Australian Murray Irrigators
  • Dino Cerrachi, President – South Australian Fresh Fruit Association
  • Chris Byrne, CEO – Riverland Wine Grape Growers Association


Mr Xenophon said:

“Many Riverland irrigators are facing financial ruin as a result of the record low inflow to the Murray – having to struggle on just 16% of their water allocation.”


“South Australia, and the Riverland in particular, deserve special consideration from Canberra over this crisis. Why should the people of the Riverland be the fall guys for years of neglect and failed policies upstream?”


“Regardless of who wins this election, politicians on both sides need to get through their skulls how serious this crisis is – and the human and economic consequences of allowing hundreds of Riverland families to face ruin.”


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