Please visit my new website: http://www.nickxenophon.com.au/

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I am an independent candidate without the backing of a political party and I need public support to go to
Canberra to fight for SA.

Any donation is welcome (but if you're from the gambling industry - no thanks! And because I'm stubborn
and feisty and value my independence I reserve the right generally to refuse or hand back donations).

I also have a unique money-back deal for donations over $100. Terms and conditions can be downloaded here.
For further information click here.

You can make a donation online by secure PAYPAL or by credit card. Simply click on the amount you wish to donate.
Please be patient as loading the payment page may take a moment. Your donation up to $1500 is a tax deduction.
Print your receipt for your tax records.

For amounts others than those shown please contact the
Campaign Office on 1300 727 909.

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To donate please visit my new website: http://www.nickxenophon.com.au/

Thank you for your generous support.


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