Details of Nick's preferences

Nick has lodged a split ticket indicating where his preferences will go in the event they are distributed.

The two tickets aim to be fair to the main groups on both sides of the political spectrum – Labor, Liberal, The Greens, Democrats and Family First.

One ticket can be broadly described as being left of centre. It gives preferences to Labor but, before them, the main groups preferenced are The Greens, Democrats and Family First.

The other ‘right of centre’ ticket gives preferences to The Liberals. Before them the main groups preferenced are Family First, The Greens and Democrats, in that order.

Nick said: As an independent who draws support from both sides of politics I believe this split ticket is the fairest approach.  

Full details of the two preference tickets can be downloaded here:

Ticket One

Ticket Two

Further information about preference distribution can be found on the Australian Electoral Commission



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