Nick speaks at Coeliac Society AGM

On Sunday, 28 October, Nick was guest speaker at the Coeliac Society of South Australia's Annual General Meeting.

Coeliac is a disease that affects 1% of the population but it grossly undiagnosed. Coeliac sufferers are intolerant to gluten (eg wheat products) and can have severe symptons including anaemia. Coeliac disease can be controlled by diet.

At the AGM Nick undertook to push at a Federal level for better food-labelling laws and greater emphasis on early detection.

Nick's associationa nd support of the Coeliac Society includes his opeining of the newly refurbished Coeliac Centre on Glynburn Road, Hectorville in August 2006.

For further information, see the website of the Coeliac Society of South Australia Inc .


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