Media Articles 2007

22 November

Xenophon supporters hit back - ABC Online
Supporters of Nick Xenophon have hit back at the criticism and timing of those comments by his former parliamentary colleague.

22 November

Nick Xenophon reels from stinging attack from Ann Bressington - The Advertiser
Independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon has received an overwhelming amount of support following the attack on him by his political ally Ann Bressington. ...

22 November

Stepping into Nick's shoes - The Advertiser
Former Valuer-General John Darley yesterday was sworn in as Independent MP Nick Xenophon's replacement in the state's Upper House.

22 November

Xenophon hears Riverland residents' water woes - ABC Online
Riverland growers and residents voiced their anger about water issues at a meeting with independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon last night.

20 November

Xenophon lodges complaint
Misleading political advertisements claiming Senate candidate Nick Xenophon would not support a rollback of workchoices laws is likely to lead to legal....

15 November

Senate power hangs in the balance - ABC Online
By Sabra Lane High-profile independents like SA's popular anti-pokies MP Nick Xenophon could gain some power in the Senate. While the duel between the party ...

13 November

Darley set to replace Mr X
The political stalemate over who will replace former No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon in the Upper House will be settled next week.

12 November

SA Govt agrees to Xenophon's choice - ABC Online
Nick Xenophon wanted John Darley to replace him in the SA Upper House and the State Government has now agreed that should happen

11 November

Xenophon running dry on the Murray - The Advertiser

11 November

Anti-Pokies 'pessimist' will win: poll - Sydney Morning Herald

ANTI-POKIES campaigner Nick Xenophon looks set to jump from the South Australian Parliament to the Senate - and could help hold the balance of power with the Greens.

11 November

Anti-Pokies 'pessimist' will win: poll - Sydney Morning Herald

ANTI-POKIES campaigner Nick Xenophon looks set to jump from the South Australian Parliament to the Senate - and could help hold the balance of power with the Greens.

5 November

Greens set to hold balance in Senate - ABC Online
... up with 34 Coalition, 33 Labor senators, seven Greens, one Family First, and one senator, Nick Xenophon, independent from South Australia," he said. ...

4 November

Greens boosted by Senate draw - The Australian
Former South Australian state independent MP Nick Xenophon has secured the final place in the list of candidates on the SA's federal Senate ballot paper. ...

4 November

SA will get road funding: PM - ABC Online
South Australian Independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon says the Federal Government should listen to the RTA and the motoring organisation the Royal...

4 November

Hanson preference deal favours Labor - News.com.au
South Australian anti-pokies independent candidate Nick Xenophon has had a bet both ways. Mr Xenophon has split his ticket - on one, Family First is ...

3 November

Minor parties prefer Mr X - Adelaidenow
Nick Xenophon's chances of winning a Senate seat have risen after he struck preference deals with the Greens and Family First. ...

3 November

Pokies maker 'proud' of SA haul -
No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon said poker machine manufacturers were making money "off the backs of people's misery". There are now 23000 problem gamblers in SA ...

2 November

Labor finalises deal with Greens - Brisbane Times

... holding the balance of power in the Senate, with the other likely contenders being South Australian Nick Xenophon and Family First's Steven Fielding. ...

2 November

Ballot order draw bingo time for pollies - The Age
... Hanson is back above the line, and high-profile No Pokies independent Nick Xenophon, placed last on the Senate ballot, urged a "reverse donkey" vote. ...

1 November

Xenophon in with a chance in Senate race - ABC Online
Nick Xenophon is known for his colourful stunts and his efforts to roll back the number of poker machines...

30 October

Grim forecast for Murray irrigators - The Age

Independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon, who took his campaign bus into the Riverland on Tuesday, said many irrigators were facing financial ruin and ...

28 October

Candidate wants car tariff cuts halted - The Age
South Australian Senate hopeful Nick Xenophon said if elected next month he would introduce legislation as a matter of urgency to stop the cut that would ...

26 October

A refund for your money - Sydney Morning Herald
Nick Xenophon, the quixotic non-smoker former state MP standing as an independent for a South Australian Senate seat, plans to destroy the basis of ...

23 October

Legal doubt on Xenophon replacement: Rann - ABC Online
SA Premier Mike Rann tells Parliament there is legal advice questioning how an upper house vacancy should be filled, now that Nick Xenophon is making a push ...

21 October

Xenophon names running mate - ABC Online

Senate candidate Nick Xenophon has named the Adelaide Central Market manager as his running mate in his bid for a place in federal parliament. ...

21 October

Nick Xenophon names running mate Roger Bryson - Adelaidenow
CENTRAL Market general manager Roger Bryson will be No Polkies MP Nick Xenophon's running mate for the Senate. Mr Bryson, who is also an ordained Baptist ...

21 October

Xenophon names Senate running mate - The Age

South Australian independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon has chosen a Baptist minister as his running mate in his bid to break into federal parliament. ...

19 October

Could this be end for the Democrats? – The Advertiser, Adelaide

The advent of No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon into the Senate race has left the Democrats facing political oblivion - a move which has deeply disturbed Senator ...


17 October

Recognise these men? They may hold balance of power –The Age

Nick Xenophon — the South Australian independent candidate who came to prominence in state politics on a "No Pokies" platform opposing gambling …

16 October

Shame we can't all vote for him - LiveNews

As a lawyer, Senate candidate Nick Xenophon got sick of winning damage payouts for people who promptly blew the lot on the pokies. So he decided to get into parliament and get rid of them. The pokies that is.

14 October

Nick Xenophon formally resigns from State Parliament – The Advertiser, Adelaide
NO Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon has formally resigned from State Parliament, vowing "there's no going back". He handed his resignation to Upper House President ...

12 October
Libs to put heat on Xenophon: analyst  - ABC Online
Dreams of Parliament House Canberra ... Nick Xenophon will face Liberal Party pressure, says a political analyst. (ABC Canberra) Senate hopeful Nick ...

12 October
Wildcard ups the ante - Courier Mail
The conventional wisdom about the Senate race is that Labor cannot win a majority, the Coalition is almost certain to lose its majority,...

11 October
No pokies campaigner aims at Senate - The Australian
NO POKIES campaigner Nick Xenophon has reshaped the Senate battle in South Australia declaring he will  throw his hat in the ring for a seat in federal...

11 October
Colourful independent seeks move to Canberra - ABC Online
Independent MP Nick Xenophon wants to move from the SA state arena to the Senate (file photo). A prominent independent MP has resigned from parliament in...

11 October
Nick Xenophon's departure reshapes South Australian politics - The Advertiser Adelaide

POLITICAL stuntmeister Nick Xenophon's decision to tackle federal politics will  radically  reshape the political spectrum in South Australia...

11 October
SA independent MP to run for Senate - The Age
South Australian independent MP Nick Xenophon has quit state politics and will run for the Senate
at the looming federal election...

11 October
Xenophon quits to run for Senate - NEWS.com.au
By Greg Kelton SOUTH Australian independent MP Nick Xenophon is quitting the Upper House to run for the Senate at the coming federal election...

11 October
Nick Xenophon Photo Gallery - AdelaideNow
Throughout his decade in state politics, Nick Xenophon has always had an eye for stunts that would attract media attention.

11 October
No-pokies MP sets sights on Senate - The Australian
 THE independent "no-pokies" MP who rewrote political history in South Australia launched a bold bid for the Senate yesterday, vowing to take his campaign...

11 October
Anti-pokies MP could call shots in the Senate - Sydney Morning Herald
A PROMINENT anti-pokies crusader from Adelaide with a genius for publicity stunts could hold the balance of power in the Senate after the federal election.

11 October
Mr X shows he's no party person -  The Australian
IF you thought Peter Beattie had a lock on the title of "media tart", then think again. The former Queensland premier could have learned a trick or two from...

11 October
Fearful of Xenophon in Senate –The Age
THE emergence yesterday of the extraordinarily popular South Australian independent Nick Xenophon as a Senate candidate threatens the Labor and Liberal.

11 October
Thorn in side may be missed - Adelaidenow
POLITICAL stuntmeister Nick Xenophon's decision to tackle federal politics will radically reshape the political spectrum in South Australia.

11 October
Labor hopes he will hold balance of power – Adelaidenow
THE Labor Party played a role in independent MP Nick Xenophon's attempt to enter federal politics - in the hope he will hold the balance of power in the…

11 October
No Pokies MP odds-on for Senate seat - ABC Online
South Australia's provocative independent MP, Nick Xenophon, has caught many by surprise by quitting State Parliament and running for the...

11 October
No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon quits SA politics, runs for Senate - Adelaidenow

POLITICAL experts and even his opponents rate No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon a strong chance to win a spot in the Senate. Mr Xenophon's vote in state elections.

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