Nick's public statement delivered at the Adelaide Zoo - 11 October

Thank you for meeting me here in front of the giraffe enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo, the reason for which will soon become apparent.

Today, I am sticking my neck out for South Australia. A few moments ago I spoke to the Clerk of the Legislative Council, Jan Davis, and advised her of my intention to resign from State Parliament before Parliament resumes next week, so that I can run for the Senate in the forthcoming Federal Election.

This is a heart-wrenching decision for me, but it is a decision that I had to make. There are two important reasons why I believe this is the right thing to do.

Firstly, this State Government, like others, is hopelessly addicted to the money it gets from pokies - despite the human cost.The last best hope for real change is to get Canberra to act - the Feds control the purse strings, and they have the power to act. At the very least, they control the banking laws and can ban ATMs from pokies venues, and that would help a lot of people.

Secondly, the other big issue I want to fight on is water - the Eastern States have hung us out to dry.We're the driest state at the end of a once great river system that is now a drain, and to survive, we have to fight for our rights.

If I get across the line, I'll use my vote in the Senate to push and shove for South Australia to get the special consideration we deserve and must have.

Finally, I'm acutely aware of the special responsibility I have to the almost 200 000 South Australians who supported me at the last State Election- this has been a life changing decision for me, but I know it's what I have to do. I want to assure everyone who supported me at the last State Election that I have made every arrangement for a seamless transition. My second running mate at the State election, John Darley, a former Valuer General of this State, is ready, willing and able to serve alongside Ann Bressington, and I trust the Government will accept his nomination to replace me in the Upper House.

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